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Galactic Astrology Analysis

Galactic Astrology is a unique intuitive form to astrology that goes beyond the traditional zodiac signs and incorporates the influence of the Galactic Center and other celestial bodies in our galaxy. By considering the positions of these cosmic constelations at the time of your birth, Galactic Astrology provides insights into your personality, life purpose, and the challenges and opportunities you may encounter on your life journey.

With Galactic Astrology Analysis, you will have the opportunity to look at yourself, life and the universe from higher dimensions. You will learn the knowledge of who the extraterrestrial upper dimensional beings with whom you are spiritually and energetically connected are. This will strengthen your bond with them. You will be able to develop energetic bonds with Andromeda, Arcturus, Plaiedes, Polaris, Alniam, Taygeta and many other groups of beings you have never heard of serving unity. You will remember your essence, your limitlessness. With this very high-dimensional information, your soul will have an exquisite experience.

With Galactic Astrology Analysis, you will find answers to many questions that you deeply feel and have been searching everywhere.

Some of the information you will find with this analysis:

  • Analysis is made as written report
  • Aura/Soul Colors and their meanings
  • First experience location, time and race in the Earth Life
  • Earth experience consciousness levels
  • The state of your chakras. Information about blockages and how to clear them.
  • Information on whether you are a starseed and a lightworker
  • The star system in which the soul begins its first individual experience after being separated from the source.
  • Connection of your soul with other star systems
  • Connection with a specific group of extraterrestrials (Andromeda, Arcturus, Plaides..)
  • Chronological order of your experiences on Earth and other star systems
  • Themes of your galactic past lives
  • Your life purpose and the extraterrestrial energies that support this purpose
  • Knowledge of how or what to focus on in life to reach your full potential
  • Your gifts developed in past lives and can be used in this life
  • You will gain access to karmic connections and their types (such as personal karma, collective karma) …and many more deep and high frequency information.

The information required for Galactic Astrology Analysis is birth information; Day/Month/Year, Time and Location

  • An e-mail is sent to sezgiselsen@gmail.com for session fee information and appointment.
  • According to the availability, after the payment is made and the requested information is received, an appointment is given at the earliest one week later.
  • The date of birth information must be accurate. If not, the time of birth can be determined with a fee if the client wishes.
  • At the time period of the appointment, the detailed Galactic Astrology Analysis Report is shared with the client via e-mail.
  • If the client has questions within 7 days after receiving the report, they can ask by e-mail.

“The Universal Purpose is for the soul to experience leaving home and embark on a journey of consciousness. The Universal Mission is the soul’s return home by realizing unity. ”

— SezgiselSen